Monday, June 4, 2007

How To Talk With Your Angels

Step 1
Pray for the truth and the gift of spiritual hearing. Let us know your concerns
and requests. Pray with an open heart and mind.

Step 2
We come to you on your breath- just be of serene nature. Let your body relax as
you breathe deeply and easily.

Step 3
We come to you as an inner knowing. We will bring you comfort and guidance.
Quiet your mind so that you can listen to our gentle voices.

Step 4
Let our loving energy come to you. You will know what to write. Let the writing
flow as the answers to your concerns are given.

Step 5
Acceptance is the most important part. Believe that all is well and you are
being guided to your highest good. Accept that you deserve all good.

Step 6
Follow Your Inner Knowing?
We will teach you and guide you. It will come. The more you practice listening
and following our guidance the easier and more natural it will become.

Step 7
This is a spiritual gift. More will be given as you practice. Trusting the flow
of life is so important for you. Trusting allows you to relax and feel the joy
in life.

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